Information Sites

  • Civics 101 from the League of Women Voters of North Carolina
  • FlipNC – The first step towards an effective resistance will be to break the Republican supermajority and restore the governor’s veto. Only 3 of the 120 NC House seats need to flip for Democrats to make it happen.
  • Follow the Money – find out how much money each candidate raised and from who
  • Indivisible – People like you are standing indivisible all over the country. Join a group in your community to take action and hold Congress accountable.
  • Kill The Bill – nonpartisan effort to increase the quality of life of North Carolinians by tracking state legislation that harms North Carolinians.
  • Open Secrets – another place to track donors and donations
  • Resistance Manual – Listing organizations and groups that are working to resist Trump’s agenda so that communities can support, connect, and build together.
  • Think NC First – Shareable stats to visualize how competitive North Carolina is in a number of areas – where we’re moving forward, and where we need to invest more.
  • You Can Vote – grassroots coalition working to inform citizens of their right to vote and to help them overcome perceived barriers to voting in North Carolina.

Helpful Activist Tools and Apps

  • CivicRise – our very own mobile app to facilitate your engagement with elected officials on issues. Available for Apple and Android devices. Use code XNZFT when you register to access RISE Together NC’s Daily Action Items.
  • ResistBot – fax your US Senators and Reps via text
  • Fax Zero – fax your US Senators and Reps from your computer
  • Listing of NCGA Representatives and Senators
  • Who Represents Me?

Running for Office


You keep hearing about the importance of precincts, but are still confused about what they do…fret no more. Here are some resources that explain their function. Don’t know what precinct you’re in, do a search on your state Board of Elections website.

Voter Information