RISE Together Piedmont Triad is a regional chapter of a statewide grassroots movement committed to creating a society of freedom, justice, and equal opportunity for all.

What We Do

Our 4,700+ members all have different issues we are passionate about; the environment, immigration and refugees, interfaith relations, racial justice and equality, LGBTQ, healthcare, education, etc. No individual can fight every fight, and the passion to take action will fade if you’re not working on a cause you believe deeply in. RISE Together Piedmont Triad is dedicated to helping our members find their passion and ways to make a difference. We are not trying to reinvent any wheels. There are hundreds of organizations in our communities that have been doing great work for years and are in need of people and funds to grow their efforts. Our goal is to connect our members with those organizations. Getting started is easier with friends willing to take that first step with you.

How We Do It

RISE Together PT partners with existing organizations like to promote and co-sponsor Educational Events and speakers on a wide range of topics. RISE works to educate the community about local, national and international issues and explain how to get involved in productive ways to affect positive change.

  • Non-fiction Book Club discussions  are facilitated by topic experts who challenge the way we look at an issue and understand opposing arguments.
  • We encourage involvement of our members in the political process by providing information about campaign training events and opportunities to sit on local boards and commissions.
  • In our Facebook group, we facilitate conversations that challenge our perspectives on sensitive topics without judgment or shame. We’re all learning together and the members of our community help each other rise up towards a more just and peaceful world.


Daily Calls to Action for those who may only have a short time available but still want to make a difference.  The Call to Action may be to make a few phone calls or send an email or postcard to their legislators.

  • Indivisible meetings with legislators – #ResistTrumpTuesday #TuesdaysWithTillis
  • Our consolidated Community Activist Calendar enables our members to see what opportunities are available  to attend. The calendar offers a wide range of possibilities to meet  every type of activist; whether it’ss a movie screening about money in politics, a vigil for refugees, a postcard writing party, or staging an lunch hour protest outside an office of a representative


Community Service activities encourage breaking out of our bubbles and interacting with people and communities we have had little to no exposure. We believe the best way to build bridges is to work together towards a common goal and realize along the way that we’re not so different after all.