Voting Rights Call to Action

Two new bills we should SUPPORT were proposed at today’s special session of the NC legislature.

Call and email the House Elections Committee members and urge them to consider and pass these bills. Here is a script and a contact list for all of them. FLOOD THEM WITH CALLS AND MESSAGES! Spend most of your energy on the Republicans.

Dear North Carolina House Election Committee Member,

Today two important bills were proposed in the special session that I urge you to consider:

HB5, which would restore the full number of early voting days that were curtailed in 2013. Increasing, not limiting, access to the ballot is a crucial, just, and rational way to include the voices of ALL North Carolinians in decisions that affect their lives.

HB6, which would create a nonpartisan districting process. Unfairly drawn, gerrymandered districts are a disservice to voters of all political persuasions, and are used to diminish the voting power of thousands of North Carolinians.


Your Name, Home City

In the long run, neither of these measures favors one party or the other. Rather, they aim to ensure that the most number of voters can have their wishes heard. We are a government of, by, and for the people. Let our voices be heard!

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